Meet Our Pastor

William David Milligan has been the Senior Pastor at LRPC since January 15, 2012. He is faithful and patient and is always available to his congregation. Pastor Milligan is blessed with a rich family life with his wife, Sue. They are the proud parents of five children and one grandchild. More about Pastor David Milligan & Family

A Welcome Message from Pastor David

Our Administrative Assistant – Nancy Barnes
Our Piano Accompanist – Cheryl Pace

Key Volunteer Contacts

Treasurer – Josh Stenger
Asst. Treasurer – Karl Mangels
Clerk of the Session – Keith Wawrzyniak
Board of Deacons Chairman – Joe D’Avella
Board of Trustees Chairman – Wayne Maddox
Women’s Ministry – Brenda Mangel
Children’s Ministry – Brea Duty
Children’s Sunday School – JoAnn Beck

Boards and Committees

Session Elders
David Milligan (TE)
Brian Duty
Josh Stenger
Brian Sweeney
Keith Wawrzyniak

Administration: Keith Wawrzyniak
Christian Education: Brian Duty
Evangelism/Outreach: Brian Sweeney 
Men’s/Women’s Ministries: Brian Sweeney
Trustees: Brian Sweeney
Deacons: Brian Duty
Missions: David Milligan
Worship & Music: Josh Stenger
Nominating Committee: Brian Duty
Prayer: Keith Wawrzyniak
Shepherding: David Milligan
Young Adult Ministries: Brian Duty
Youth Ministry: Brian Duty

Joe D’Avell
Charlie Lewis
Bob Fagan

Deacon Assistants
Diane Insley
Brenda Mangels
Sharon Mariani
Faith Oswinkle
Chad Pfister
Gina Sheets

Wayne Maddox
Jeff Oskamp
Megan Oskamp
Brian Oswinkle
Brian Sheets

Women’s Ministry
Brenda Mangels

Children’s Sunday School
Jo-Ann Beck – Superintendent

Children’s Ministry
Brea Duty

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