In-Reach Ministry
In-Reach — inside; inward facing; internal focus ministries.

Administration – To assist pastors, staff, and ministry leaders; to help manage the affairs of the church and its respective ministries by maintaining organizational procedures, directories, records; and to effectively distribute church-wide communications using various media.

Christian Education – To provide Christ-centered and biblically-based educational opportunities to encourage those new in their faith to walk in wisdom and truth; provide a learning environment for those who are seriously seeking to learn first-hand about followers of Christ.

Discipleship Shepherding – To teach, equip, and encourage those in the Body of Christ to be growing, obedient, faithful, and fruitful followers of Jesus Christ, and to be ready to explain the hope that is within them concerning their assurance of salvation.

Leadership – To oversee the spiritual and physical needs of church body, through three leader boards (Session Elders, Diaconate Deacons & Trustees Members) who are nominated and approved by the Session, and then elected by the communicant members of the congregation.

Prayer – To be a church body that teaches, encourages, and practices both corporate and individual prayer to the glory of, and in the name of, Jesus Christ.

Worship – To worship our Triune God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with praise, prayer, celebration of the sacraments, and the proclamation of God’s inerrant Word.

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