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Your God given talents and creativity reflects not only who you are, but also who He is! Ephesians 2:10 – “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” May this verse be an encouragement for you to share your gift and talent with the world! Latest update(s) 7/9/22 *

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Acting / Performing

7/9/222nd Annual Talent Show video, by various performers

3/2/15LRPC Youth film promoters from the archives


2/8/21 – The Country Farm and Selectman’s Meeting House in Mt. Desert, Maine. by Carolyn Clark

12/19/20 – A 2020 Christmas Card & Poem by Marlene Wawrzyniak


3/16/21Charlotte Eliopoulos, RN, MPH, ND, PhD, author of several books about Medical › Nursing › Gerontology and is a leader in integrating conventional and complementary therapies to empower people to establish positive health practices and manage chronic conditions. The newest 10th edition of the first book I ever wrote, Gerontological Nursing has just been released. I don’t even want to tell you how many years its been published! Charlotte also recently created and authors a Christian Holism Health & Wellness Facebook page.


5/30/21Thanks Grandpa – Written and performed by Katie Milligan

4/4/21 – Easter Special Music Is He WorthyThe LRPC Praise Team

3/21/21 – Special Music Via DolorosaSue Milligan and Sherie Pace

3/14/21The LRPC Praise Team Video – Only a Holy God

2/7/21It Is Well With My Soul – performed by Gloria Coleman with piano accompaniment permission by Mrs. Julie Kitchen.

12/19/20 O Come O Come Emmanuel performed by Gloria Coleman

6/29/20Christ Our Hope in Life and Death performed by Josh and Rachel Stenger

8/29/15Were It Not For Grace – performed by Sue Milligan

8/16/15God Be Merciful To Me (Psalm 51) & It Is Well With My Soul performed by Justin Sweeney, David Fisher, & Austin Kenly

8/9/15 – Father, How Sweet‘ performed by Corey Sale Grunert


7/9/2022 – Meet R. Michael Spangler (a.k.a. Rob)

Check out his posts of poetry, along with an occasional essay or musing, and now his first published heartfelt book of poetry about The Pilgrimage of Fatherhood.

See also Heart in Pilgrimage – It’s a common thread that binds most of my poetry together. We’re home, yet journeying home.

3/30/2021 – The Crucifixion Poem & Drawing by Marlene Wawrzyniak
see https://www.facebook.com/groups/65901351513/permalink/10159524715656514/

2/2/2021 – Gifts Hoped For, by Charlotte Eliopoulos

Facing the unknown assured that we’ll be provided that which is needed
rather than fear that we’ll be found lacking.

Living in the moment with the honest recognition that we are not in control
but are directed by an all-knowing, caring Supreme Being.

Being willing to accept hardships and burdens that we can’t understand
with the happiness and blessings that are given to us.

Forgiving quickly and completely those who have hurt and wronged us
as we’re afforded unearned forgiveness that eases our burdens.

Relinquishing control to enable us to shed the shackles and blinders
that restrict us from fully engaging in the dance of life.

Proceeding by faith in acceptance of the mystery of the divine plan
without dependence on sight or worldly proof.

These are the greatest gifts of all.

2/1/2021Silver Crown, by Gloria Coleman

Ask me what I know of Him ~ who is faithful to the end
Ask me how I know of Him on whose grace I can depend

If you see me on the way ~ stop me should I see you not
If you seek new life today, there is time to share my lot

For you see my silver crown speaks to me of heaven’s call
For it cheers when I feel down ~ God’s been with me through it all

God’s right ways are leading me on the safe and narrow road
God’s right hand brings lasting peace ~ and will safely lead me home

Long this pilgrim path for me ~ may my story ever tell
Long I’ll sing of lessons sweet, by a God who’s loved me well

So this earthly crown I wear ~ as my heart He does possess
So it shows my Father’s care and His gracious faithfulness

May He find you in your youth ~ sending tokens from above
May He win and capture you with His everlasting love

Trust and see the Lord is good ~ Christ forever lives in me
Trust Him for His Word is true and His mercies ever free

Sovereign grace that won my heart ~ ask me for I do not mind
Sovereign Lord will not depart ~ pray one day you too He finds

Crown of silver may it be ~ symbol of my heavenly crown
Crown of glory may it be ~ at His feet I’ll cast it down

A gray head is a crown of glory…” Proverbs 16:31

3/28/2008Why by Marlene Wawrzyniak

Why aren’t we responsible for the things we do or say?
It doesn’t matter who gets hurt as long as we get to play.

Do what you want but don’t get caught and if you do, deny.
Never admit that you were wrong, just tell another lie.

Babies thrown in garbage cans because we have “The Choice”.
Children by the millions who will never have a voice.

Who knows how many Einsteins or Mozarts we have killed.
How many more will have to die? How much more blood be spilled?

Children are taking guns to school. Should we be surprised?
They see us killing babies. Does it matter then Who dies?

Fetal Surgery “The tiny hand of 21-week-old fetus Samuel Alexander Armas emerges from the mother’s uterus to grasp the finger of Dr. Joseph Bruner as if thanking the doctor for the gift of life.” Photo © 2001 Michael Clancy, used with permission.

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6/3/21 – Scam Alerts – some advice on HOW-TO identify/avoid online fraud by Keith Wawrzyniak

3/15/21 – A Christian Holism Health & Wellness Facebook page created by Charlotte Eliopoulos

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