A new menu item About > Resources has replace what was About > Posts. Posts have been moved to be a subordinate menu item under Resources, along with new menu items, Sermons, and Book Reviews. It is here where you can sequentially scroll through each separately, and also how to use various index vales to search all three resources together.

When using the INDEX criteria from either resource list (Posts or Sermons), all resource items are displayed together. Each item in the display is also labeled as to being either a Post or Sermon. So, the same INDEX filtering criteria (All, Authors, Scripture, Topics, Series, Dates) can accessed from either resource list and produce the same results.

NOTE: Posts and Sermons (Resources) can also be individually accessed from other places on the website, but it is here where both resources are centrally located together and are hopefully better documented.


Book Reviews is a list of items reviewed by members to share with others. They are indexed and displayed in reverse chronological order.


Posts are also known as a blog (Web log) list of items. These items are listed in a reverse chronological order (newest content on top). Posts are meant to be timely so older posts are archived based on month and year.


Takes you directly to a the sequential list of all Archived Sermon Resources also displayed in reverse chronological order. This list is only meant to be simply scrolled through, top to bottom and back.