How do I pray
May you find these Prayer Resources helpful

Pride vs Humility – You Choose

Prayer in the WSC

I Will Trust in God because He:

30-Ways to Pray for People in Authority

Word Pictures from the 23rd Psalm

The Lord is my Shepherd – God Provides (updated 3/4/21)

A Collection of 40 Psalms to Pray through 2021 Lent

Fasting as an Aid to us in Prayer

Live Stream: PRAY VOTE STAND – from

7-Day Prayer Guide – Sanctity of Life Sunday – 3rd Sun. in Jan.

31 Days to Conquer Fear -Scripture Prayers of Confession

Cast Your Ballot

Prayer Guide Engaging in Politics

PRAY = Pause + Rejoice + Ask + Yield

Forgiveness – SINS can not be undone only FORGIVEN

Anger – Let Go and Let God

Endurance & Perseverance Bible Verses – Help in Troubled Times

The Mighty Influence of a Praying Mom: Rhonwyn Kendrick’s Story

Matthew Henry’s – (Online) Method for Prayer

Connect with God though His Word and Prayer

15 Scriptures to Pray for Our Nation

Praying through God’s Attributes & WCF ch2 (updated 6/21/20)

Praying through the Names of God

How To: Journal your Prayers

Can Prayer Save America?

Praying through our Christian Beliefs – (updated 2/22/21)

Outlines & Models of Prayers

The Delay of Unanswered Prayers

Praying for Patience – A brief video message

The Five Finger Prayer

Pray to NOT be Anxious & Pray to Fear NOT (updated 5/15/20)

Prayer Locks (to avoid) and Keys (to use) in Communications with God

The newest prayer aids are listed first; most are links to PDF documents


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