Church Leadership
We were Babcock Memorial Presbyterian Church
(unaffiliated from the UPCUSA) March 23 1981

From Our History — As of Monday evening March 23, 1981, Babcock Memorial Presbyterian Church Is no longer affiliated United Presbyterian Church in the United Stated. On that evening a congregational meeting was held in accordance with the Book of Order, and the congregation voted 228 to 7 to sever its relation with the UPCUSA…

After much prayer and study concerning Christian doctrinal matters and interactions with the Baltimore Presbytery, Pastor Louthan and majority of the members left the United Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination. As a result the church body was locked out of the church property by the Baltimore Presbytery. Still named Babcock Memorial Presbyterian Church the members began worshiping as an unaffiliated independent church at the Loch Raven Elementary School.

Pastor Louthan stated “Our church is now moving into a new era. We the congregation have been under much trial in recent months, and this trial may continue for a period of time. However, one thing became very evident on Monday March 23, and that is we are a unified congregation.”

Here is a listing of our early Church Leaders that labored through those difficult times:


Raymond R. Baker
Bruce B. Burns
Donald P. Childs
William E. Cole
Donald J. Dean Jr.
James D. Foote
Charles H. Masters
R. Dale Mershon
Mirvin H. Metzger
James B. Pfeiffer
S. Ralph Reed Jr.
Robert B. Louthan (pastor)
John J. Vanko (clerk)
Forrest H. Williams

H. Burke Carr, resigned 4/7/81
R.C. Walters, resigned 4/7/81

Associate Pastor – Howard E. Hill (resigned 10/11/81)
Treasurer – Nadim Warsal


Kathleen M. Brown
W. Bruce Shoemaker
William R. Hildebrand
Donald B. Munro
Robert D. Fagan
Richard S. Myers
John F. Maienshein
Donald L. Evans
Craig S. Habicht
Charles G. Walker
Marvin H. Stever
John E. Cyphers


Bruce Bodie
(others unknown)

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