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We exist to glorify God
and to protect, pursue and proclaim
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Loch Raven Presbyterian Church is a body of believers seeking to enact Christ’s will for us personally and as a body. We seek unity in peace and love, worship in spirit and truth, and hold the Holy Bible as our basis for living our lives, teaching and preaching. We focus on people, seeking to point people to a personal faith in Christ and equipping believers to seek a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Our purpose is to care and pray for people in a spirit of love as Christ loved the Church. By the grace of God, we endeavor to do this in the following six ways:


To worship our Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit with praise, prayer celebration of the sacraments, and the proclamation of God’s inerrant word.


To proclaim the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone.


To teach, equip, and encourage those in the Body of Christ to be growing, obedient, faithful, followers of Jesus Christ. To equip our people to be ready to explain the hope that is within them, concerning their assurance of salvation.


To exhort believers to meet together, encouraging one another in Christ, promoting Godly love and good works, and ministering to each other.


To be a church body that genuinely cares for and serves people and has a heart for missions – locally, nationally, & globally.


To be a church body that teaches, encourages, and practices both corporate and individual prayer.

Our Mission Statement Expanded

“Loch Raven Presbyterian Church exists to Glorify God and to PROTECT, PURSUE and PROCLAIM the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.  

Our Shorter Catechism questions 1 and 2 define how to Glorify God

Our first and foremost purpose is that we must to do our part to PROTECT God’s Word. God’s inerrant and infallible Word, as revealed in the Old and New Testaments, has been faithfully passed down from generation to generation – over thousands of years!

We should be grateful for the original writers of Scripture who wrote God’s Word under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We should also be thankful for the many preachers, theologians, reformers, professors, teachers, Sunday School teachers, grandparents, parents and friends who have strived to pass along God’s Word as faithfully as possible from one generation to the next.

However, the Bible and it’s truths have been and always will be under attack from outside the Church – and very sadly, even from within!! Our responsibility at LRPC  – at this very moment in human history – is to faithfully preach and teach the truth of the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone who comes through our doors. As we strive to faithfully teach God’s Word, our hope is that our children, and our children’s children and beyond will continue to have access to the Truth as revealed in the Bible in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The second purpose with regards to the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for LRPC to PURSUE God’s Word. As we – as individuals and as a church – are exposed to the truth of the Gospel of Christ, it should drive us to want to know more – more about God the Father, more about Christ, more about the Holy Spirit, and more about how and why we have been chosen by God to receive all His wondrous benefits! Through Sunday morning sermons, Sunday School classes for all ages, and small group studies, LRPC should strive to encourage members to enrich and deepen their understanding of God and their personal relationship with Him through the regular reading, study and meditation of the Bible.

And finally, our purpose is to then PROCLAIM the Good News of Jesus Christ! Once we understand the truth of the Gospel and have begun to pursue the rich and deep meaning of God’s redemptive love for us, it should compel us to tell others about it! Not only are we commanded to do it, as Christ did in the Great Commission (Mt. 28: 19-20), we should want to do it in light of what God has done for us! This purpose can be fulfilled in many ways at LRPC through in-reach and out-reach opportunities – not only in our immediate community, but throughout the entire world!


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