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Celebrating The Ressurection

Why do we celebrate Easter?  Easter is not merely a Christian sub-culture’s celebration that marks a change of season, from winter into spring.  It is not that we have only a vague belief in a generic death/rebirth cycle, like a tree that is barren and then blossoms which we then relate to the ups and…


This Easter, a Reaffirmation

This month marks three years of ministry here.  My first Sunday was Easter Sunday 2012.  Now three years is not that long, I understand that. But around this time of year, I remember arriving here in Baltimore to start the next chapter of our lives.  And sometimes it is good as we remember to also…


An Update from the Road with Walter Milligan: March

Pastor David’s oldest son, Walter, is spending the year traveling the country with Life Action Ministries starting revivals in churches. He occasionally sends updates back home. This is the third of those updates. View the first here & the second here. Shared with permission. Dear Friends and Family, I’ve been on the road this new year…

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