This is a record of website changes and updates. Come here to view this listing of significant changes planned for and made to the website’s structure or content, displayed in reverse chronological order.

10/25/20 – Added a page about connecting to Online Meetings

10/21/20 – Added a page declaring our support of The Nashville Statement and added a reference on Our Beliefs page.

10/20/20 – Added a new url created to display a web sitemap menu items. It will open a list of nearly all configured MENU items

10/19/20 – Added a Cast Your Ballot page to focus on Biblical prayer aids to consider when voting for government representatives and issues on the ballot at local, state, and national levels.

10/8/20 – Added the 2020 ACTC Thanksgiving Basket Information to our ACTC page.

10/6/20 – Added an Inquirer’s Class information page under Christian Education. Also linked to it from several other pages.

10/5/20 – Updated the International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted Church page.

9/23/20 – Added the October Inquirers Class Schedule for New Members Event.

9/17/20 – For regular attenders we added a SECURED & CONFIDENTIAL online Adult Membership Application form link on our About Attenders page. This is intended so that Session Elders may better know and serve regular attenders and their family better. UPDATE 10/6/20 Replaced this with a link to the new Inquirer’s Class.

9/16/20 – Added a new page with an embedded Praise Report / Prayer Request form, plus added several other menu links.

9/11/20 – Added a Sanctity of Human Life page. We are therefore called to defend, protect, and value all human life from womb to tomb. Also added National March for Life Event link. (DC – Friday 1/29/2021)

8/23/20 Added Women’s Ministry Conference Event. Beginning 9/20 for five occurrences every two weeks.

8/22/20 – Added a International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted Church page.

8/15/20 – Added Operation Christmas Child information for 2020, and the start of a Women’s Ministry page, under In-Reach -> Discipleship.

8/10/20 – removed the password on the Parachurch page, with Session approval.

8/9/20 – Added a page of Local Area Hospitals – Contact Information, linked to the Deacon’s page

8/4/20 – Moved the Leadership page from being under Ministries to About > People menu.

7/31/20 – Added four new customized navigational controls (developed for us by SolaSites) are located in the footer area of our website. Each button is labeled and the name will be displayed with a mouse over each. From left-right: (equal sign) opens a complete list of all configured MENU items, (magnifying glass) opens a SEARCH form, (left arrow) goes BACK to the previous displayed item, (up arrow) goes to the TOP of the current display.

NOTE: See a complete description of the BROWSE, SEARCH, & FIND navigational controls on Web Navigation Info. page.

7/29/2020 – Added a new Worship page [email protected] 1640 AM radio info. The calendar page has been set to display in an agenda view by default, specifically for those viewing the calendar of activities on small handheld devices. Those using large screen displays can change the view to month or week view on the top right corner. Restarted Wednesday Words of Encouragement posts. Added a link back to this page on the LRPC HOME sidebar, labeled SEE WEBSITE UPDATES.

7/27/2020 – Completed Memorials page from 1994 forward.

7/25/2020 – Added our National Day of Prayer page. Created the starter pages for our Children’s Ministry and Children’s Sunday School.

7/24/2020 – Begin building a Women’s Ministry page. Posted the beginning of our Baby Bottle Campaign page. Add new Post – 7/26/20 Worship Service Update.

7/23/2020 – Added an expanded explanation of our Mission statement. Started building a Baby Bottle Campaign page. Looking for input to begin designing and building a Women’s Ministry Page.

7/22/2020 – Updated Navigating the Website from user’s feedback, Reduced the size of drop-down and pop-up menu font to fit better on smaller devices. Completed Stitches of Love Knitting, and LRPC Website page. Started Tech-Team

7/20/2020 – Started building a Women’s Christmas Tea page, Added a Bob Louthan page and linked it to the Memorials pages

7/18/2020 – Added LRPC Website (User & Admin) information under Content Management. Added Blanket Ministry for CPC, Sermon Vignettes, and Website Navigation Tips. Started building a Stitches of Love Knitting page.

7/17/2020 – Reorganized the “Our Story” list of links to all related About pages that are now organized under three sub-pages/menus, People, Posts, Precepts. Started a 2020/2019 Memorials page, have yet to back fill to 2014.

7/14/2020 – Posted the following overview to our newly announced website.

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