This is a record of website changes and updates. Come here to view this listing of significant changes planned for and made to the website’s structure and webpage content, displayed in reverse chronological order. See also: LRPC Website Information

9/25/21 – Added a new page PCA Issues pointed to from the Our PCA page

9/11/21 – Updated our Church History page to include, an early photo of the house, and a link to a video tour of the House before it was closed.

8/21/21 – Added Book Reviews as new archive of Resources

8/21/21Updated ESOL page for the new semester.

8/7/21Added Our Early Church Leaders page – A listing of our early 1981 Church Leaders that labored through those difficult times in our history.

8/2/21 – Added Trustees’ Roundup page – news items under Property Management.

8/1/21Added a minute marker link to details of each Worship Service YouTube Video. Click on one of the recent entries @ see a link beginning of the sermon message.

7/23/21 – Added a new menu item, About > Resources has replace what was About > Posts. Posts have been moved to be a subordinate menu item under Resources, along a new menu item, Sermons.

7/21/21 – Added a new website list of Sermons on the front page along with other resources – 1) Scroll down on the website’s front page display to see a list of Archive of Sermons. The most recent is shown on the left, others are listed on the right. 2) If you click the View All Sermons link, you will see a sequential list of all Sermons on the right displayed in reverse chronological order. On the left you can browse ALL RESOURCES, (currently Sermons and Posts) using INDEX items shown below:

  • All – Resources
  • Authors
  • Scriptures
  • Topics – like Newsletter or Sunday Worship
  • Series – like Exodus, From the Pew to You
  • Date

In addition tp the About > Posts menu, that shows a list of posts, we now have a new menu item “Sermon Archives” located under Ministries > Worship menus to help make it easily to scroll through the archive of stored sermons.

6/4/21Significant Update — Begun the planning, implementation, and testing of a free live support & messaging system app called (talk-to). This app enables us to monitor website visits and provides a chat bubble on all pages for visitor to initiated a live-online chat or an offline email message. See Website Admin Log for details

6/3/21 – Added Scam Alerts – to provide advice on HOW-TO identify/avoid online fraud.

5/30/21 – Added a new page Visitor Feedback located under the Welcome menu. This is for visitors to use a JotForm leave Questions and Comments for us online. This form basically mirrors the printed Visitor Registration card currently used with our visitor gift bags.

5/27/21 – Changed the blue button on the Home Page from a getting a list of Website Changes to a new page to Request Information about LRPC. Also added a new footer menu item (located at the bottom of all pages) also also Requests the same information, it is labeled – Churchⓘ

So where do I now go to see that list (log) of website changes? If you look at footer menu located at the bottom of every page you should see a menu link labeled Webⓘ. One goes there to see Website Information to help navigate our website, but also the first link now points to that list of website changes.

5/18/21 – updated and added a direct link to our List of our Veterans to be Remembered that is part of our Memorials page of those members that we once shared worship, service, and fellowship with, who have gone before to be with the Lord.

5/15/21 – Added a new Adult Studies page link from our Christian Education page, now that more groups are beginning to meet in-person again

5/12/21 – Updated our Nominating Committee page to include a section on How to Help your elected Nominating Committee.

5/8/21 – Added Ligonier Ministries education resource to our Parachurch Services page.

5/4/21 – Added a Westminster Shorter Catechism Topical Outline and have begun to add some links to our Westminster Shorter Catechism Q&A study page (which is a 2021 work-in-progress).

5/3/21 – Added a new spring-time aerial photo of LRPC building provide by Jason Palmisano, a former member of LRPC, who works at Protech Associates.

4/27/21 – Add a FIND note to our WCF – Shorter Catechism page – Our Weekly Study Guide provided by Pastor Milligan. The information provided on this single page is a bit much to visual browse through. So the FIND should help. Perhaps in the future an index of keywords could also be provided, like the list of Q&A’s.

3/3/21 – Added a new page Our Theology under Precepts. This new page points to the three major components as subpages; Calvinism, Covenantal, and Confessional

2/25/21 – Added information and videos from Mission to the World’s (MTW) first-ever Virtual Missions Conference on Our Missions page. Updated the 2021 list of Supported Missions.

2/18/21 – Updated our Servants page and our Shepherding List for 2021. Also added Crown Financial Ministries to our ParaChurch Services page.

2/16/21 – Updated our Praise Team page and added a brief description of our modern hymns, praise songs, and hymnal music, used at LRPC to our new Weekly Music Notes page.

2/11/21 – Added a Weekly Sunday Worship Service Music page. Notes on our Weekly Music are researched by Jo-Ann Beck.

2/8/21 – Added a brief LRPC Website Rating page to get a 1-6 heart rating, and optional feedback comments. Added Lent Prayer Aids and Fasting Aids to Prayer Aids and to our Easter Season pages.

2/3/21 – Added a confidential Shepherding Elder’s List document, that is updated/posted with a each new Session and with new families. It is password protected to protect the list of our members, using the church’s Guest WiFi password.

1/31/21 – Added new Post – Pastor’s February Newsletter Article – Equipping, Enabling, & Facilitating ; and added Ash Wednesday — “What is Lent and why should I care?” to our Easter Season page & the Easter Season Events

1/27/21 – Updated the 2021 Easter Season / Passion Week information

1/25/21 – Added this link March 3, 2017 Bulletin from our Building Expansion Dedication Service to Our History page

1/23/21 – Added two new links – TULIP and Reformed Theology by R.C. Sproul and The Five Solas of the Reformation (C.H. Spurgeon) as resources on Our PCA page.

1/21/21 – Added the enCourage resources to our Women’s Ministry page and Introducing the Heidelberg Catechism to Children link to our Children’s Ministry page.

1/19/21 – Added Humanity as a new Precepts page. The information was taken entirely from our Beliefs page.

1/16/21 – Update the Office Administration page to add Database Administrator – PowerChurch information.

1/13/21 – Added a WCF Shorter Catechism – Study Guide page updated weekly by Pastor Milligan

1/5/21 – Added Marilyn Conner to our Memorial page. Also added View Obituary links to entries back to 2019.

1/4/21 – Added a new Our Standards page to Our Precepts menu of pages.

1/3/21 – Added a Music section to our Members Sharing page.

1/1/21 – (1) Added an opening paragraph to our Diaconate page, and added online links to scripture references. (2) Updated the Sanctity of Human Life Concerns page to include online prayer resources and a reference to our Deacon’s participation. (3) Added a description of each of our Regular Pray Meetings to a Prayer page.

12/31/20 – Added two links to additional documents on Our PCA page. A Brief History of the PCA (2007, Marshall C. St. John) and a timeline graphic of American Presbyterianism (1709-2019)

12/28/20 – Added Elevator/Lift Usage Video to our Property Management page.

12/19/20 – Created a new page – Members Sharing God’s Love from His Creation using God given talents and creativity to reflect not only who we are, but also who He is! Added two submissions.

12/18/20 – Added a link to an online copy of our 2021 Chronological Daily Bible Reading Plan document, to Our Bible page.

12/9/20 – Updated the ESOL page with 2nd Semester class information.

12/6/20 – Added the passing of Bill Carlile Jr. and Bill Robinson Sr. to our Memorials page.

11/30/20 – Added a new Special Christ-centered Worship Services page, pointing to a new Easter Season page and one for Advent Season.

11/30/20 – Added the following to Our Bible page. What is The Story of the Bible? A visual (6 min.) walk through the entire story of how God planned, accomplished and applied our salvation.

11/24/20 – Embedded a link on Our Beliefs page to the official trailer for the documentary video IN HIS IMAGE: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality. The full video can be freely streamed.

11/22/20 – Added a page for the Christian Community Center, which is a local missions organization we support, plus we provide Christmas Gifts for the youth.

11/19/20 – Updated Word of Encouragement page to post a few current videos and to link to all other videos on David Milligan’s Video page. 

11/13/20 – Added a new page Our Members – This page is meant to clarify the term communicant member and show the how-to process for those that desire to formally join LRPC.

11/9/20 – Updated Online Meetings page by adding LRPC specific Vimeo and Other Social Media Links.

10/25/20 – Added a page about connecting to Online Meetings

10/21/20 – Added a page declaring our support of The Nashville Statement and added a reference on Our Beliefs page.

10/20/20 – Added a new url created to display a web sitemap menu items. It will open a list of nearly all configured MENU items

10/19/20 – Added a Cast Your Ballot page to focus on Biblical prayer aids to consider when voting for government representatives and issues on the ballot at local, state, and national levels.

10/8/20 – Added the 2020 ACTC Thanksgiving Basket Information to our ACTC page.

10/6/20 – Added an Inquirer’s Class information page under Christian Education. Also linked to it from several other pages.

10/5/20 – Updated the International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted Church page.

9/23/20 – Added the October Inquirers Class Schedule for New Members Event.

9/17/20 – For regular attenders we added a SECURED & CONFIDENTIAL online Adult Membership Application form link on our About Attenders page. This is intended so that Session Elders may better know and serve regular attenders and their family better. UPDATE 10/6/20 Replaced this with a link to the new Inquirer’s Class.

9/16/20 – Added a new page with an embedded Praise Report / Prayer Request form, plus added several other menu links.

9/11/20 – Added a Sanctity of Human Life page. We are therefore called to defend, protect, and value all human life from womb to tomb. Also added National March for Life Event link. (DC – Friday 1/29/2021)

8/23/20 Added Women’s Ministry Conference Event. Beginning 9/20 for five occurrences every two weeks.

8/22/20 – Added a International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted Church page.

8/15/20 – Added Operation Christmas Child information for 2020, and the start of a Women’s Ministry page, under In-Reach -> Discipleship.

8/10/20 – removed the password on the Parachurch page, with Session approval.

8/9/20 – Added a page of Local Area Hospitals – Contact Information, linked to the Deacon’s page

8/4/20 – Moved the Leadership page from being under Ministries to About > People menu.

7/31/20 – Added four new customized navigational controls (developed for us by SolaSites) are located in the footer area of our website. Each button is labeled and the name will be displayed with a mouse over each. From left-right: (equal sign) opens a complete list of all configured MENU items, (magnifying glass) opens a SEARCH form, (left arrow) goes BACK to the previous displayed item, (up arrow) goes to the TOP of the current display.

NOTE: See a complete description of the BROWSE, SEARCH, & FIND navigational controls on Web Navigation Info. page.

7/29/2020 – Added a new Worship page [email protected] 1640 AM radio info. The calendar page has been set to display in an agenda view by default, specifically for those viewing the calendar of activities on small handheld devices. Those using large screen displays can change the view to month or week view on the top right corner. Restarted Wednesday Words of Encouragement posts. Added a link back to this page on the LRPC HOME sidebar, labeled SEE WEBSITE UPDATES.

7/27/2020 – Completed Memorials page from 1994 forward.

7/25/2020 – Added our National Day of Prayer page. Created the starter pages for our Children’s Ministry and Children’s Sunday School.

7/24/2020 – Begin building a Women’s Ministry page. Posted the beginning of our Baby Bottle Campaign page. Add new Post – 7/26/20 Worship Service Update.

7/23/2020 – Added an expanded explanation of our Mission statement. Started building a Baby Bottle Campaign page. Looking for input to begin designing and building a Women’s Ministry Page.

7/22/2020 – Updated Navigating the Website from user’s feedback, Reduced the size of drop-down and pop-up menu font to fit better on smaller devices. Completed Stitches of Love Knitting, and LRPC Website page. Started Tech-Team

7/20/2020 – Started building a Women’s Christmas Tea page, Added a Bob Louthan page and linked it to the Memorials pages

7/18/2020 – Added LRPC Website (User & Admin) information under Content Management. Added Blanket Ministry for CPC, Sermon Vignettes, and Website Navigation Tips. Started building a Stitches of Love Knitting page.

7/17/2020 – Reorganized the “Our Story” list of links to all related About pages that are now organized under three sub-pages/menus, People, Posts, Precepts. Started a 2020/2019 Memorials page, have yet to back fill to 2014.

7/14/2020 – Posted the following overview to our newly announced website.

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