August 2021

Inside: You may have noticed some new emergency exit signs posted around the building. If you haven’t please take a look at them to remind yourself of the exits near the rooms you usually meet in. As a reminder there are two exits from the sanctuary. In the case of an emergency the those on the piano side of the sanctuary will exit out the front of the sanctuary going down the stairs and out the doors in the back of the church. Those on the other side of the sanctuary will exit out the back and down the narthex stairs toward the lower parking lot.

Over the past months it has been wonderful to see so many inside the church building! As we look towards the fall, many Sunday School Classes will be starting up again – including the children’s classes in the basement. Two of the classrooms will be getting a facelift in preparation for the children to use them again. This includes new paint and lots of cleaning and organizing.

Outside: First, thank you to everyone who has been helping to mow the grass!
We will be having security cameras installed on the exterior of the building and in a couple places inside the building (primarily for child safety). Stay tuned for information. We look forward to having these cameras installed for all of our safety.

After receiving and reviewing quotes, we have chosen a contractor for demolition of the Church House. We expect to see progress toward removing the house beginning in August. As work is being done, please be mindful of any fences and changes to usable areas of the parking lots. Once the building is removed we will have a relatively level space on which to plant grass. We have talked through many ideas for the best use of the space in the future, but for right now we will get the old building down and enjoy a new lawn where the children can play and we can have outdoor services and events. If you would like to help out with any of the ongoing projects around the church or come work with us on a Thursday evening, send us an e-mail at [email protected]

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