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The Trustees working together with others maintain all the physical assets of the church (buildings, grounds, & equipment) for the health & safety of our congregation, visitors, and staff.

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Maintaining Facilities, HEALTH & SAFETY EQUIPMENT

Trustees are committed to the physical safety and protection of all persons participating in activities and programs. Safety being the state of being safe from the risk of experiencing or causing physical injury, danger, or loss.

  • Emergency evacuation diagrams are posted in various places
  • Fire Control Panel at Main Entrance used by Trustees & Fire Dept only
  • Elevator/Lift (shown in red above) Usage Video
  • CPR / AED Equipment / Kitchen & Narthex
  • Fire Alarm Switch Box at all Emergency Exits
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations / by both Water Fountains
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression
  • Wheel Chair / Wheeled Walker
  • First Aid Kits

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