Jan 13, 2023

How are you going to approach the New Year?

2023 Happy New Year

               Did you make any resolutions for this year? What are they? Do you think you will be successful in following through with them? 

               Or will it be just another year of High Hopes, instead of actual resolutions? Why do we make these resolutions if we really don’t think we will succeed? And, what really is important and why? 

               Perhaps, instead of making lofty goals, we should instead be realistic and seek to do that which will really matter in our lives, in our walk with God. We should strive to fulfill our Creator’s purpose for us: to be ‘in his image’. We can do this in many different ways. Can you name some? We can meditate, pray, surround ourselves with other believers ( when possible), sing Psalms and other songs, listen to godly men expound on God’s Word, and , for me, to read inspiring writers- both ancient and current. 

               Everyone has their favorite genres of literature: fiction, fantasy, non-fiction. We have our favorite authors that we gravitate to. But have you taken the risk to step out of your ‘usual’ and pick up a book or magazine that you have never read before? Have you taken the time when you’ve been at church to look at what readings are offered here? ( Sadly, we do not have any Christian Bookstores in the area). I am one of those people who was blessed when the COVID shut- down occurred. Out of sheer boredom, I started reading books and magazines that were gathering dust on my shelves. Suddenly, I was once again in ‘my happy zone’ , reading at least 16 books. In 2021, I read at least 8 more.

               Now , we are in 2023, and I would like to encourage young and old to pick up the various resources we have here at LRPC, and read, then share your impressions of them with others here, and in your life. David features books on the reading shelf in the Narthex. We also have “Daily Bread”, “TableTalk”- two monthly devotional. TableTalk also has topical articles to take your walk more deeply with the Lord. The PCA publishes ByFaith, a quarterly magazine that helps us grow, as well as know what is happening in our denomination. There are others, and as you talk with your friends, they can give you their favorite readings.

               One other source of printed information for Christian growth, is ….The Bible. I just purchased the Church History Study Bible. Every verse , in the ESV, has a short comment from a theologian, commentator, etc. And most study Bibles offer reading plans, concordances, maps, and in introduction for each book. I would like to encourage everyone, young or old, to make this year the year you exercise your faith as well as your body.