Yearly a new nominating committee is formed to seek out qualified members of the congregation who are willing to serve on one of three leadership boards, being the elders on the Session, deacons and deacon assistants on the Diaconate, and members in the role of Trustees. See also our Servants and Leadership pages.

The committee members should be prayerfully seeking to ensure that spiritually gifted and qualified communicant-members are sought out, recommended to the Session, and encouraged to be nominated and providently elected through a congregational vote to fill vacant leadership roles.

The selection of Elders, Deacons, and Trustees to serve on the Nominating Committee is to be carried out by the respective boards and the congregation. Two Elders are to be elected by the Session to serve on this committee. One of the two Elders is to be Chairman of the Committee. One member is selected from the Deacon Board, one from the Trustees, and five from the congregation, are nominated and voted upon at the Congregational meeting.

How to help your elected nominating committee members

The Nominating Committee’s role is to review and approve potential nominees that will be further reviewed and approved by the Session.  Qualifications are found outlined in:

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Please consider helping us by praying for us and then recommending potential candidates to anyone on the Nominating Committee.

Leader Roles and Our Servants

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