Dec 01, 2022

The Christian Left:

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How Liberal Thought Has Highjacked the Church
Lucas Miles, BroadStreet Publishing, 2021

     This book is a realistic and frightening look at how some churches, in an effort to modernize and make the church more attractive and inclusive to seekers, have moved toward modernization in which there is less use of Scripture as the foundation for understanding God and sacraments. They replaced humbly submitting oneself to Christ with creating a worship experience that “feels good”. Either intentionally or unintentionally, this is leading to a growing movement to replace the theological framework of the church with leftist and socialistic ideals, thinking, and values.

     The Christian Left increasingly view those Christians who continue to believe in the truth of the Bible as unenlightened extremists or members of a cult. They see God as wanting all people to be saved regardless of the beliefs they hold. A wide range of sexual practices that true Christians would view as sinful are embraced and Scripture is revised to be consistent with popular social constructs. The book cites pastors and even churches as holding positions that God affirms a woman’s right to have an abortion. Rather than viewing sin as an offense against God, they believe it to be a manmade social construct.

     Data from the Pew Research Center and other groups report that Christianity is on the decline; when asked about faith Americans reporting “none” or “religiously unaffiliated” are a growing statistic. But this doesn’t mean that the gospel be revised or ignored to make Christianity more attractive. This book emphasizes the need for true Christians to address these issues and help others to understand Biblical truths.

Reviewed by Charlotte Eliopoulos