Sunday Classes: 9:30 AM

Sunday Worship: 11 AM

Prayer: Sunday 9AM, Tuesday 1PM, Wednesday 7PM


The purpose of our Missions ministry is to equip,go, and send missionaries into all the world and preach the Gospel; to make disciples of all nations, to be witnesses of Jesus Christ, beginning locally and branching out to the remotest parts of the earth, and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world through prayer, Christian witness, and financial support.


Missions we support

Loch Raven Presbyterian Church is a strong supporter of “missions”. We welcome you to read more about our ‘Philosophy of Missions‘ to see how we’re partnering in God’s Kingdom work. [Click here to read more



  • Baltimore Rescue Mission
    • Men’s Division
    • Karis Home
  • Center for Pregnancy Concerns
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship
  • Christian Community Center
  • Youth for Christ – Loch Raven area



  • China Outreach Ministries
    • Osborn – President
    • Maurer – University of Maryland
  • North America Indigenous Ministries (NAIM) – Rene’

January 2, 2017


  • African Bible Colleges – J. Chinchen
  • Frontiers – Jonah of Nineveh
  • Heartland International Ministries
    (HIM) – Kornis
  • International Teams – K. Hansen
  • Ministries to Muslims – McCurry
  • Ministry to the Military & Int’l. (MMI) Italy – Orlando
  • Miami International Seminary (MINTS) – Borden Africa Coordinator
  • Mission to the World (MTW) – PCA
    • Conroy – Asia Area Team
    • Cosner – Belize
    • Karner – Japan
    • Dan & Janet – Enterprise North America/West Africa
    • Mitchell – France
    • Quarterman – Ukraine
  • Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF)
    • Thompson – International
    • Chuck and Barbara – South Asia
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators
    • Campbell – Papua New Guinea
    • Meehan – Crisis Management, Child Safety