Loch Raven Presbyterian Church (PCA) Parkville, MD.

Sunday School: 9:30 AM

Worship: 11:00 AM

Prayer: Sunday 9:00 AM and Tuesday 1:00 PM


Giving Thanks for God

Thanksgiving is one of the highlights of the year for most of us as it provides a wonderful opportunity to pause with family and friends and give thanks to God for all His many blessings. Although this holiday is uniquely a result of the Pilgrims’ reverence and gratitude to the Lord for preserving them, much…

Semper Fi, Mac

The well-known U. S. Marine motto, Semper Fidelis illustrates how some phrases can vividly communicate much more than a simple saying.  Our neighbor was a former Marine and proud of it; he understood and embraced the history and culture of the Marine Corps in the best ways imaginable.  We were thankful that God placed us…

Gauging the Importance of Mile Markers and Percentage Points

September marks the end of summer vacations with Labor Day and the beginning of school (although most schools today jump the gun and start before August ends!). Teachers and students have returned to the classroom and adjust once more to the school-year schedule. Back-to-school shopping is finished and while Mom isn’t surprised, Dad is astounded…

August Newsletter Is Out

The August newsletter has been posted online (click here) and is available in print in the narthex. *Remember: All the church newsletters are available for viewing online (Save the trees!)

Summertime is Vacation time!

Summer is typically the time we think about taking vacations.  School is out, the weather is nice and warm, and so for many it’s a good time to take a week or so to travel.  But often, a vacation is not about getting away, or going somewhere, we are simply glad to take a break! …

VBS “Everywhere Fun Fair” Summary

God truly blessed our prayers, our enthusiastic volunteers, their diligent preparations, and new programs this year. Jason Palmisano helped us develop a great VBS website and online registration with a spreadsheet. Kathy Fagan and Lee Goon did a wonderful job of advertising, printing letters, using graphics, making power point presentations, ads’ in local papers, etc….

Psalms: A Guide For Worship

“…In the Psalms you will meet the heart of sincere and honest worshipers of God. Sometimes they are reverent, while at other times loud and boisterous. Sometimes they lament while at other times they are thankful. Some psalms are exclusively personal, while others appear more applicable for all of God’s people. Some psalms reflect sorrow as if you were in…

Summertime is Reading time!

We Christians are people of The Book.  God has revealed Himself and His will to us in the Word.  And having the Bible in our own language is an amazing blessing; we ought to read and study and meditate on it with joy and thanksgiving!  How we view and treat God’s Word is a good…