Sunday School: 9:30 AM

Worship: 11:00 AM

Prayer: Sunday 9:00 AM and Tuesday 1:00 PM


Welcome to Loch Raven! Thanks for checking us out online!

On this page, we hope to provide you a little glimpse of who we are and how much we desire to get to know you (and for you to get to know us)! You should be able to find out exactly what we believe, the purpose of why we exist, where we’ve been, and how the church is structured.

Ways to Connect

At Loch Raven, there are numerous opportunities to get involved and fellowship with others. You’ll want to check the Calendar for a thorough list of events and activities. We take the mystery out of getting involved. Head over the our ‘Connect’ page to see the many opportunities available to connect with others, serve with others, worship with others, and grow with others. Looking for a Small Group study, head over to the ‘Small Groups‘ page for more info!

Who do I go to for what?

I would like prayer, counseling, or someone to talk to about an issue or concern –> an Elder or Pastor David

I have a question about the church and it’s mission –> an Elder or Pastor David

I have a personal need (meals, sickness, housing, visitation, financial) –>  Deacons

I want to get involved in a Bible Study or Small Group –> Church Office

I noticed something broken in the church, I have an idea for something new, or I’d like to offer my help where you need me –> Trustees

I want to sing or play an instrument in church –> Melissa Goetschius

I want to learn about the organizations and Missionaries you support –> Missions Committee (Barbara Reed)

I want to use the Church for my event –> Church Office


Sunday is a busy day at LRPC! The morning starts at 9AM for an available time of prayer.  At 9:30AM, we have “Sunday School” for adults and children, which is just another name for Christian education classes – basically, bible/book studies. Some classes may use a book to guide discussion and some lessons may be prepared by the teacher. You are welcome to join in, at any time throughout the year, at any of these classes. There is no registration needed – just come! ‘Click here‘ to see the current Sunday School classes.

What Does An 11AM Sunday Service Look Like?

What does a service consist of?

A worship service at Loch Raven consists of music (blend of contemporary songs and classic hymns), prayer, offering, and a life applicable message from our pastor based on Biblical truths. Curious about the sermons? We video record all of the sermons and publish them on YouTube and the church website. We would encourage you to watch/re-watch the sermons at home! Additionally, the Fellowship Committee invites everyone to stay after the service to enjoy fellowship and light refreshments in the fellowship hall.

How long is the service?

Generally, the service is one hour – beginning promptly at 11AM. You’re welcome to arrive earlier and/or stay afterwards to greet and mingle with friends!

Am I going to have to say anything?

We are a welcoming group of people. When you walk in the front door, you’ll be greeted by one of our volunteer greeters.  We’d be happy to talk with you if you needed someone to talk to or had questions about God, Spirituality, Christianity, or life.

What should I wear?

Wear what is most comfortable for yourself. We’re happy you’re here and we aren’t concerned with what you look like. (If it helps, it varies pretty drastically. Men wear typical pants, khakis, and bunch of guys look very dapper in their suits. Women generally wear pants, skirts, and dresses.)

Am I going to have to give money?

We collect an offering every week to financially maintain the church and further its mission and because we believe giving back to God (what’s already his to begin with) is a form of Worship. We believe the local church is the responsibility of its members. Give as you feel led. On occasion, we’ll take a special offering for a specific ministry or cause. If you’re a visitor, you are not expected to give any money – simply pass the offering plate to the next person.

Do you offer childcare?

We have dedicated and loving teachers who have prepared a lesson for the kids. During the 1st half of the worship service, children in Pre-K through grade 5 stay with their parents. Right before the sermon, we dismiss the kids to their classes. We have staffed nursery for the babies/toddlers – and that is available for the entire service.

Getting Around

We know it can sometimes be intimidating visiting a new place where you don’t know your way around. With a friendly face assisting you, we’re sure you’ll have no problem getting around Loch Raven. But to get you comfortable with the property before you visit us for the first time, we’ve created the simple property diagram below. On Sunday mornings, simply find a spot to park and head over to the main church building where there will be greeters to welcome you, ushers to assist you in finding a comfortable seat, and friendly folks to fellowship with.