Sunday School: 9:30 AM

Worship: 11:00 AM

Prayer: Sunday 9:00 AM and Tuesday 1:00 PM


Church Officers comprise 3 ‘Offices’ – nominated, elected, and approved by the Congregation to serve 3 year terms. Below you’ll find a brief description of the Offices and the current members serving in that office.


Elders are ordained men tasked with maintaining the spiritual government of the church and creating and maintaining a vision for the church. Each Elder has a particular ministry/area where he serves and oversees. Each Elder has a group of members that they shepherd. They are always available for counseling and prayer.

Rev. David Milligan (Senior Pastor)
Keith Wawrzyniak
Josh Stenger
Nadim Warsal
Brian Sweeney
Brian Duty

Administration: Keith Wawrzyniak
Christian Ed: Brian Duty
Evangelism/Outreach: Brian Sweeney 
Men’s/Women’s Ministries: Nadim Warsal
Trustees: Brian Sweeney
Deacons: Nadim Warsal
Missions: David Milligan
Worship & Music/Prayer: Josh Stenger (Melissa Goetschius – Music Director)
Nominating Committee: Brian Duty & Nadim Warsal
Shepherding: David Milligan
Young Adult Ministries: Brian Duty
Youth Ministry: Brian Duty



The Deacons and “Deacon Assistants” carry out the mercy ministries of the church. Whether it’s visiting shut-ins or those in nursing homes or arranging meals for those that are sick. Deacons take care of the physical needs of our own church community as well as our local community. Deacons are ordained men. Deacon Assistants are commissioned (not ordained) women and men.


Joe D’Avella (Chairman)
Charlie Lewis

Deacon Assistants

Rick Lieberman
Brenda Mangels
Sharon Mariani
Fran Donofrio
Chad Pfister



The Trustees work together to maintain all the physical assets of the church (buildings, grounds, & equipment). They coordinate repairs and projects, source Contractors, and engage volunteers from the congregation to complete necessary tasks around the property that God has so graciously blessed us with. They provide oversight in counting the weekly offerings. Along with the Session, they create the yearly church Operating Budget.

Justin Sweeney (Co-Moderator and Chairman)
Wayne Maddox (Co-Moderator)
Carol Sweeney (Nominating Committee Representative)
Brian Oswinkle
Brian Sheets
Danielle Breneman
Megan Oskamp