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BUILDING ADDITION: AERIAL & INSIDE TOUR | “Slowly But Surely” | 11/4/16

Categories: Faith In Action: Building

This 2 part video begins with a 2 minute aerial tour (including views of the Fall foliage in the neighborhood) and then jumps into a walk-through tour of the addition as of Friday, November 4th. It’s been a few week since we put together a video like this because visual progress, week over week, has slowed dramatically due to waiting for a resolution to our insufficient water pressure hold up.

So, in this video, you’ll mostly see that the grounds have been graded significantly and covered, the storm water management pond has been created, gutters have been installed, railings have been installed, the front porch has been painted, outdoor lighting is (mostly) in.

Moving inside, a lot of wall prep was done and the walls got their first coat of primer and paint, window and door trim has been installed, electrical work (as much as they can do without a ceiling) is progressing, fire alarm work is progressing. Once we get the insufficient water pressure issue resolved, we’ll be able to make more visually dramatic progress: ceilings, overhead lighting, HVAC, carpet/tile, etc.

We should have been moved in and utilizing the new addition by now — so pray that the builder can figure out the most cost effective (and correct) resolution to the water pressure issue for the sprinkler system as soon as possible!

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