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How To Respond This Political Season: Don’t Panic

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People are panicking, in a sense, about what the future of our country will look like. Psalm 97 is a perfect Psalm to bring to these conversations. “The Lord Reigns. Let the earth be glad.” As Christians who are living in a culture that is increasingly – seemingly – dark, we can take comfort in the truth that the Lord reigns. What should our attitude be this election season? Be prayerful – but don’t panic. Keep calm – because the Lord reigns.

Yes, we must observe, and point out, the moral disintegration that has occurred in our culture over the past number of years. Yes, we must be concerned for the lack of justice and the oppression. Yes, we must be concerned and point out these kinds of truths so that we can talk about them and address them as a Nation. But it cannot motivate us to anger. It must motivate us to pray… and to rest.. rest secure that God is in control. It should drive us to our knees… and not drive us to despair.

How do we communicate, as Christians, about these complex issues going on in our society? One thing we cannot do is allow panic to impair our judgement. One thing we cannot do is allow panic to make us impatient with others.

We must be patient. And we can be patient… because the Lord reigns.


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