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The Music Corner: October

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As we move forward with our music ministry at LRPC, I want to explore (as a congregation) what God tells us about music for/during worship.  We will also examine why certain musical selections are used during the Sunday service.

Some questions will include:

  1. Are we required to sing during worship?
  2. Does God command (or allow) the use of instruments?
  3. What’s the deal with these contemporary arrangements anyway?
  4. Are our musical selections man-made traditions or founded upon scripture’s development of the church?

To begin our journey, let’s look at our Book of Order.  “Praising God through the medium of music is a duty and a privilege.  Therefore, the singing of hymns and psalms and the use of musical instruments should have an important part of public worship” (51-1).

During the next months, we will look at two topics per month.  First, we will examine a specific musical element within the service (ex: introit, Doxology, etc.) and second, we will investigate God’s commands surrounding singing, instruments, and attitude during the worship service.

In the meantime, I wish to express my thanks to each of you for this opportunity to serve you and the musical needs of LRPC.  This position has transformed my life.  Before I took this job, I rarely opened my Bible and I was consumed with anger due to my inability to play my trumpet anymore.  By studying the lyrics and musical selections for our services, God has brought me to his Scriptures.  He has taught me who He is through each piece of music we have sung/performed.  Although I had given up on ever playing music again, God opened a new door with my drumming.  I always played my trumpet for myself and coveted the applause, but I play my drums for God.  I would like to send out a special shout out to my fellow musicians in Remedy for taking me under their wing, mentoring me as a young Christian, and being great friends.  I also want to thank Leland for helping me grow as a leader.  Thanks to the tech team for being patient with me as we expand and change the use of our equipment.  Thank you to the ladies in the office for keeping me straight.  And lastly, thanks to Pastor David and Sue for helping me transition into adulthood (well almost, I did just purchase a 48” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure!).  I am also extremely grateful for everyone’s patience the last nine months as I have finished up my coursework and residency requirements at BU.

I look forward to learning about the role of music in our worship service as a unified Body of Christ.  I am humbled that I have the continued opportunity to serve you and look forward to do so without so many homework assignments hanging over my head.  Please contact me at: if you have any questions or concerns.

In His service,


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  1. Patti Palmisano Posted on October 14, 2016 at 10:05 PM

    I love your honesty. You are a very special young lady, the apple of God’s eye, and we love you too. Thanks for all you do.

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