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LRPC Flea Market Recap

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I want to first thank everyone who helped with the Flea Market on September 10th. Everyone I have talked with feels that we had a successful day—-in spite of the severe heat and humidity (but then, that’s Baltimore!). My grandkids and the Sweeneys helped with stacking all the chairs and setting up tables on Labor Day. Then throughout the week, folks helped put all the items on the tables – with a great emphasis on Friday night.

We had the success we did because you all selflessly gave of your time to help. We cannot forget Kyle Breneman and Brian Sheets who both stood in the sun and held signs to draw more cars in! Thank you all! Danielle Brenneman, David Milligan and Bev Sheldon did a great job putting the sanctuary back as it should be for worship. Isn’t it great to know that we should not need to disassemble the sanctuary again!

Now for 2 stories about that day:

First, we helped a lady try to find her lost change purse. After looking throughout the flea market and the parking lot, she and her husband headed home hoping that she had dropped it in their yard. We took her name and number in case WE found it, and she took mine in case she did find it at home. Well, 20 minutes later, she called to say she had found it on her lawn! Then later, she called me to come out to our parking lot: Because we had all been so kind and caring, she gave me a donation – without even buying anything!

Second, a family visited us two Sundays later who had come to the sale on the 10th. The mom said that they were not even planning to come to the sale, but they made a wrong turn, so decided to check us out! I told her that it wasn’t a ‘wrong’ turn, but a ‘meant’ turn.

If you haven’t heard yet, the sale brought in $1,800+ for the day. Purple Heart got the left over items, and they were very grateful.

Once again:    THANK YOU!

Jo Beck

Editor’s note:

And a big thank you from all of us to you, Jo, for being the driving force behind this very successful venture!

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