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Sunday School Scoop: May

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Summer is always a time to relax the regular schedules, to spend more time with family and to get away from the usual for a while. That being said, it is the plan for the Sunday School Department (nursery through senior high) to also relax a little and give our dedicated teachers some time off. I just hope they don’t get too used to it!

This summer we are hoping to combine the Toddlers with the Preschool class—at least for the 9:30 hour, and maybe even the 11:00 time as well. Brea Duty (What would I do without her?!) is working on those plans. Teachers—please let her know your vacation dates. If you a member here and are interested in helping during the summer, please see Brea.

The Primary through Jr./Sr. High will be combining classes as well. We are having a special curriculum that looks at 13 characteristics of the Christian. While we study one characteristic each week, we will look at that characteristic as it appears in nature and in a Biblical person. For example, the first week focuses on Loyalty (as knowing and following the wishes of those responsible for me) and we will look at the grizzly bear and Elisha. There will be a snack that looks at Obedience and we’ll be doing a science experiment to see our ‘blind spot’ (Sometimes we just have to trust the path we are being guided on, even if we can’t see the end result.)

I would like a few volunteers to take a block (3-4) of the lessons. This curriculum is best done like this—for the teachers’ sake, as opposed to a rotating schedule. Please see Jo Beck if you are interested.

I know I say this many times—but we as a congregation have vowed to assist in teaching the children of LRPC—please prayerfully consider how you can help—and not just during the summer. Here are a few ways YOU can help: teach for a quarter, be an aide (We must have two adults in a room at all times), and with so many babies entering our nursery, we will need folks to rock, change, feed and burp (no lesson prep!).

Jo Beck

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