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A Letter From Charlotte’s Family

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Praise God! Mom now “knows her faith.” She is with Jesus and all is well with her soul. Indeed, our souls are quieted by remembering the many ways that Mom’s church family blessed her earthly life, then continued to comfort and uphold our family in prayer and deeds after her passing.

First of all, over Mom’s last debilitating years, some ministered to Mom by driving her (and Daddy) to doctor appointments, pharmacies, the grocery store, worship services, and Bible studies; some sent lovely get well and birthday cards, and notes of encouragement. Besides your precious Pastor David, others visited Mom (and Daddy) at their apartment, the hospital, rehab, and hospice. For these Christian acts of love, we thank you.

Secondly, I’m hoping that on May 13th and 14th earth time, while mingling with the “great cloud of witnesses” or standing beside a “curious” angel, Mom saw the beautiful flowers you all sent to Lassahn and heard the equally beautiful testimonies of love and gratitude for Mom’s delightful singing, her in-depth Bible teaching, and her Godly life.

Finally, thanks to those who prepared the luncheon. The varieties of sandwiches and salads were delicious but that incredibly chocolately chocolate cake was divine! Mom loved chocolate, but even more so, she loved you folks. No doubt she continues to pray for all of you and tells others in the celestial church how blessed she was twenty plus years ago when the Father led Charlotte and Ralph Kidwell to Loch Raven Church.

In His love,




& Family

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