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Construction Contract Signed & Lift Project Update

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Building Addition Update

On Wednesday, March 3rd, Elders Nadim and Jim signed the contract with Total Construction to move forward with building the approved addition to Loch Raven’s existing church building. We anticipate ‘groundbreaking’ could occur before the end of this month. As Nadim shared on Sunday morning, if you are able, we would encourage you turn in your donations as soon as you feel led to so that we can begin to put together the difference between the money we have available and pledged and what we will need to pay for construction. If you haven’t pledged or donated yet, we would encourage you to pray and seek God’s will for your involvement in both the financial support of building of this addition and in the ministries and opportunities it will provide. Leadership will have further specific information to provide as we move forward.

For financial questions, please reach out to Nadim or the Building Finance Committee.

For questions about the building addition, please reach out to the Building Committee (Trish Spicer, Chairperson).


Lift Progress

We’ve been on a bit of an update hiatus as the progress has been visually minimal. We’ve mostly been waiting for the delivery of the lift – which is now here! Lighting and doors have been installed in the lift area hallway as well as the 2 closets in the Primary Church room. One room is for the lift mechanical pieces and the other room is for much needed storage! The lift installation has begun and we anticipate its completion this week. Inspections will take place within a week and we hope to have access to the lift in the next couple of weeks.

As part of our initial project, we’re also increasing the electrical service capability to support the new building addition. You can see the large electrical box and piping/conduit in the last clip of the video. For now, that work is complete until the new building is ready to receive the connection!

We’ve been filming weekly progress videos of the lift construction which you can view by clicking here.


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