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Friendship Dinner Club: Winter 2016

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The friendship dinner club is a great way for adults of all ages, single or married, in our congregation to meet and get to know each other. We share a meal and enjoy fellowship, fun, and good conversation around the dinner table. Sign up now for our winter dinners (January thru March). You can sign up as either a host or a guest.

Participants gather for one dinner between January and March. Hosts are given a list of 4-6 guests and are responsible to contact the guests, set a date, and provide the main dish and drinks. Guests provide the side dishes (salad, vegetables, dessert). It can be as casual as a brunch or as fancy as a dinner party. Be creative!

We encourage those who are interested in joining these fun evenings to complete the form found on the back of the bulletin insert (it will be posted online, soon). Please indicate whether you would like to be a host or a guest for the winter dinner. Please turn in forms to Elaine Eaton, Magda Warsal, or Carol Morrison or place them in the basket indicated in the Narthex by December 20. Hosts will be contacted and given the names of the guests. We hope you join us!


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