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Sunday School Scoop: December

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Thank you for everyone who has volunteered to teach, assist or any other capacity in our Sunday School classes.  And an early Thank You to anyone who seeks to help in the future!

Many times we teach and do it well, but we don’t have the ‘Big Picture.’  Why am I teaching this leson?  How does it apply my students’ lives and experiences?  How many times do we have to talk about ______ (Moses, Noah, grace, etc.) over the years?  Let me share (by paraphrasing ) how our curriculum from our denomination (PCA puts everything into perspective.

Let’s think of a group of beads and a string:

  1. Toddler and Preschool (ages 2-5) focus on just the beads—Bible stories and the vocabulary of faith. Children at this age can do what God requires of them.



  1. The Younger Elementary (grades 1 &2) learn Biblical truths and begin to understand how it all connects. They add more beads, but are not putting stories in a full chronological order.


  1. Middle Elementary (grades 3 & 4O start to group the beads into unifying themes (worship, grace, trusting God, etc.). They are able now to compare, contrast and analyze.  Chronological sequencing is begun in the second year.


  1. Grades 5-6 look at “G2R Bible Survey—Genesis to Revelation” and looks at history and chorology. They begin to understand how God has revealed Himself in his Word.  So now the beads are being put in order, the holds are lined  up.


  1. Junior High (grades 7-9) course is the ‘capstone’ – studying God’s Word through the lends of the covenant. They build on the G2R lessons.  So think of the beads as being strung with a string to that the beads will hold together.



If you are being led to teach any of these classes, even if only for three months, please see of call me, Jo Beck.



From the Editor— Have you noticed the changes in the Infants and Preschool Rooms?  Thanks, Brea, for all your work to make these rooms so attractive.  Helpers are always needed with our little ones.  If you can give a Sunday, please see Brea.


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