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News & Notes from the Worship Committee

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Since the end of August the Worship Committee has made progress in seeking a direction for the music ministry at LRPC and seeking those who are gifted and called to lead our choir, orchestra and Praise Team. Our initial goal has been to seek an interim Choir Director and a Praise Team leader to provide direction for the music ministry until the Worship Committee has a clear vision of how we, with the support of the congregation, want to move forward with our worship music. The Worship Committee has just completed the Interim Choir Director job description and will begin broadcasting it into the community of our local PCA churches, nearby universities and other appropriate internet/social media outlets.


To fill the immediate needs of our music leadership, we have asked Cynthia Tsai, our Accompanist, if she would direct the choir until an interim Director has been hired. Cynthia has very graciously accepted the additional responsibility and has done a wonderful job over the past month. For our Praise Team, we have reached out to Melissa Goetschius, who has been directing the Praise Band for our quarterly evening worship services, and asked if she would lead our Praise Team as well. Melissa has agreed to volunteer her time and talents and is eagerly looking forward to serving in this ministry.


As far as the direction of our music ministry, the Worship Committee distributed a questionnaire to church members in early October, and met with members in an informal meeting on Sunday afternoon, October 11th. From the questionnaire and the meeting, the Worship Committee has ascertained three things. First, the congregation is very pleased with the current blend of traditional and contemporary music and any future changes should be introduced with care and sensitivity. Secondly, the congregation is open to singing more “modern” contemporary hymns and songs, however it is imperative that the lyrics and instrumentation must be worshipful and glorifying to God. And thirdly, as a whole, the congregation is open to more and additional instruments being used during the worship service, however the instruments must be played tastefully and be edifying of the music being played. The Worship Committee sincerely appreciated the thoughts and opinions expressed by everyone.


In conclusion, please pray for the Worship Committee as we seek those who are to be called to serve at LRPC, and pray for Cynthia, Melissa as well as our choir, orchestra and Praise Team/Band. Also, if you have musical or singing talent and would like to be involved in the music ministry at LRPC, please see Cynthia, Melissa or one of the members of the Worship Committee.


With thanks,

The Worship Committee

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