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My God Is Not Small

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In the past week I have thought much about: the new building!!   The money pledged and yet to be pledged and be given, our needs, and of course, God – His blessings, His Will, His directions for us here at LRPC.

I am first reminded of the Israelites and Moses as they left Egypt after 400 years of slavery.   They witnessed God’s mighty hand in the 10 Plagues.   They were given gold, silver and other gifts as they left.   Then they saw His hand at the Red Sea, water come from a rock and His presence of Mt. Sinai.

We must be careful to NOT be like those same Israelites.   After seeing how God cared for them, Moses sent 12 spies into the Promised Land.   When told about the giants and large numbers of people, the Israelites recoiled in fear.   They forgot that God was with them – they only saw the human obstacles.  And they were punished for their lack of faith and lack of obedience.

We at LRPC received a wonderful gift of over $400,000 from an unknown person who wasn’t even a member. This I believe, is God’s hand at work.   It has since grown to $800.000.   This reminds me of Matthew 25:14-30. This is the parable of the master giving money to three servants to care for until he returned.   The one who did nothing with his amount was punished and expelled.   Do we see ourselves in this parable??

I firmly believe: God wants us to move forward with this project.

God will be with us as we raise the funds.

God will bless us through this building.

Finally, I am also reminded of Gideon in Judges 6:36-40.   God appointed him to lead and to defeat the Midians.   He was not sure he understood God’s directions.   He was, after all, the least in his father’s family, who was the least in the tribe.  Gideon asked for a test.   We all know about the fleece – one night to be wet while the surrounding ground was dry and they the reverse the next night.

Why don’t we challenge our own faith and ask to see God’s hand in this project?   Why not set a time, in September for ALL THE MONEY to be raised?  If we were able to do this (pledges could be fulfilled before the end of the building completion), then, we would not only know that God is blessing us, but, what a wonderful testimony to share with others about God and His love.

Finally, may I encourage everyone especially those who might be on a tight budget?   Do you eat out on a regular basis?   Do you stop for coffee on a weekly basis?   Why not forego these expenses – at least in part – and put the money you would have spent towards this project?   Do you have more than you really have space for at home?  How about a yard sale?  Do you do a kind deed for a neighbor and they insist on paying you?   Well, you get the picture.   These amounts, while maybe small, really do add up substantially.   ($3 a day at Starbucks times 5 days = $15 a week, or $60 a month).

We are more than half way to meeting our goal – let us continue to press on and Trust God in all of this.

Jo Beck

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