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A Bittersweet Mother’s Day

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O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? (1 Cor. 15:55 KJV)

We received a beautiful card this past week from a very thoughtful person, a card with a beautiful and heartfelt message inside. My Aunt Peggy, a missionary in Thailand, calls letters “prayers with feet”—tangible reminders that others are thinking and praying for us. That card was that kind of blessing to us.

Celebrating Mother’s Day this year will not be the same. There’s a hole in our hearts, even though we have every confidence that Sue’s Mom is in heaven with her Savior and Lord. Holidays are often hard for those who remain here on this sin-sick world without their loved one; especially the first holiday without them. But not only is God good and gracious to us, He is also honored when we remember with thanksgiving those we have lost.

That is particularly true when we can celebrate and remember the grace and power of the Gospel evidenced in the life of the one who is now gone. Not only do we appreciate past blessings, but God gives us present mercy. Our grief is mitigated by the sure hope of the resurrection and the knowledge that their soul is even now in the immediate presence of God and at perfect rest. And so, this Mother’s Day we will not only give thanks and show our appreciation for the mothers in our midst, but we will also remember and rejoice as we remember the life and legacy of the mothers who have entered their eternal rest.

Is this Mother’s Day difficult because of the death of your mother, grandmother, or your wife or daughter—the mother of your children or grandchildren? Please, go ahead and write a tribute or a poem; cook their favorite meal; share a photograph and a story; carry on a tradition. Remember and celebrate God’s blessing in and through that loved one, even if our rejoicing is done with tears.

Is this Mother’s Day “normal”? Please don’t take it for granted! If God has blessed you with a godly mother, please give her the gift of time spent in prayer with and for her. Give thanks to God for her and pray for His blessings to be poured out on her. You know as well as I do that being a mother is very hard and doesn’t ever really end, even if her children are all grown up! We need to seize this opportunity since we do not know how long we will have our mothers here with us (or how long we will be here with them).

Lord, thank you for both my Mother and my Mother-in-law, and thank you for my wife, the mother of our children. May we all learn more and more, as the sender of that card has, to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, [and to] weep with those who weep” (Rom. 12:15 ESV).

May you have a blessed (even if bittersweet) Mother’s Day.

Pastor David

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