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Urbana 2015: Missions Conference

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December 27-31, 2015 | St. Louis, Missouri

For: College and graduate students, faculty, recent graduates, pastors, church and ministry leaders, those 17 and older…


Are you wondering how your gifts, dreams, and calling intersect with God’s global mission?

Urbana 15 is a discerning space to seek answers to this question and many more. You’ll find friends and mentors who share your passions, who welcome your partnership, and who can put your skills and education to work.

Thousands have found even more in their five days at Urbana. They’ve discovered that the only way to truly find your life is to lose it. And they’ve gone on to spread the good news of Jesus on their campuses and to the ends of the earth, committing to do whatever God calls them to. They’ve:

  • served refugees
  • fed the hungry
  • translated Scripture
  • planted churches
  • cared for the sick
  • started businesses that have transformed communities
  • and more

What is God calling you to?

God will meet us and lead us at Urbana 15. Let’s accept Jesus’ invitation to find our lives by surrendering fully to him—all for the sake of his great global mission.

LRPC Folks who have attended Urbana

Bob Louthan met Susan Crumley, at Urbana, and they later married and pastored at Babcock Memorial Presbyterian Church, and Loch Raven Presbyterian Church. Pam, Valerie and Doug Reed David Milligan, our pastor Jason Palmisano

Find your life at Urbana 15.

For more information and to register, visit urbana.org.


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  1. Fred Swartley Posted on August 30, 2015 at 8:13 PM


    I am wondering if your church is going to urbana 15? I am looking for a church or group that I can go with to urbana. Let me know if are going!


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