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Pastor David’s oldest son, Walter, is spending the year traveling the country with Life Action Ministries starting revivals in churches. He occasionally sends updates back home. This is the third of those updates. View the first here & the second here. Shared with permission.


An Update from the Road with Walter Milligan: March

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Pastor David’s oldest son, Walter, is spending the year traveling the country with Life Action Ministries starting revivals in churches. He occasionally sends updates back home. This is the third of those updates. View the first here & the second here. Shared with permission.

Dear Friends and Family,

I’ve been on the road this new year about two months and it feels like I just got back on!  We started off the year in a whirlwind of five shorter conferences and have recently gotten back in rhythm with some normal Summits. Moving so quickly wore on the team, but we certainly saw God moving in the hearts of the church members and in our own hearts on the team.  I’ve personally seen that when I’m at my weakest the things that can only be accomplished through the divine intervention of God are much easier to see, and more exciting to share!


Moving along the U.S.

Since coming back on the road from Christmas break we’ve been to Picayune MS, Dothan AL, Fayetteville GA, Augusta GA, Keystone Heights FL, Oxford AL, Springfield MO, and currently Benton IL.  The first five of them being Thirst Conferences, (an abbreviated Summit with all emphasis on revival truths), we were constantly moving and meeting a lot of new people. The country down south has been beautiful to look at while traveling; especially the trip to Florida as we drove through the less populated areas where the mossy trees and lakes seemed to be as prevalent as grass!  In Picayune MS some of the church members took us on a day trip to New Orleans and showed us many of the cultural things there, as well as the remaining aftermath of Hurricane Katrina which was very interesting to learn about.  Currently we’re holding a Summit in Benton IL and anticipating the work God will do here!


Testimony to God’s Work

I know that many times I’ve written that we pray that the Lord will work in a church or that God is moving in a church, but what does that mean? The things that we pray for when we come into churches are often specific to the needs of that church, but there are several things that we always pray for because they are matters that all churches need the divine intervention of God to some degree or another.  These particular things are for healing in broken homes and marriages, strengthening the relationships in families (children to parents, spouse to spouse, sibling to sibling), that men would rise up and lead their families, personal revival in the heart of every member, that people would begin to genuinely seek God through prayer and the word, that people would be broken and humbled before God and confront sin, and that through being revived they would tell everyone around them of God’s power and grace no longer fearing what the world would think.  Many times we have seen or heard of God doing one or more of these things in the people of the churches we’ve gone to, and its extremely exciting!

At the end of each Summit/ Thirst Conference we give to each church member a response sheet called a ‘Dear Team Letter” where they describe what God has done in their lives over the conference.  This is often how we see God moving and I’d like to share with you the written testimonies of a husband and wife from one of our past churches.  (Some things were omitted for author’s privacy)

From the husband:

You’ll never know what your time here has meant to our family.  My daughter has observed your young ladies who’ve been staying in our guest home.  They’ve shown her what it looks like to GLORIFY God at all times even when away from our parents as young adults.  My son’s teacher asks ‘What has gotten into Lane?  He usually has difficulty daily, but not this week.  He’s a completely different boy.’  And my wife, she has honored me in a way that only God’s influence could have allowed.  You see, I didn’t wait until day 2, 3, or 4, I pulled Kristin aide Sunday night and confessed everything to her.  Everything I’d been hiding in shame for 11 ½ years of marriage.  And actually for the past 27 years, I’ve hidden my separate life of lust and anger from everyone.  I told her I was tired of living a lie, and that I would not live one more day in a false life of shame and secret sin.  She cried in shock, but said that for years she had sensed that a part of me wasn’t engaged.  Tuesday night, I asked Kristin to join me in the prayer room where after many minutes of sorrow and regret, she forgave me.  Today we look at the future with true hope that I will work to lead the family that glorifies God.  We desire a legacy of truth and genuine love without shameful secrets.  Thank you all for choosing to serve this way to our family and our church family.  God bless you and be with you as you leave. Our family will never forget you.

From the wife:

I had been praying for months that God would dig deep in my heart during the Summit.  He has used True Woman/ Revive our Hearts and family camp to begin transformation the last 5 years.  So coming into the week I was fearful of what God was going to ask of me – yet excited all the time.  Tuesday night my husband confessed he was struggling with pornography the past 27 years – 12 of which we were together.  My world turned upside down – mostly due to the lies.  How could I trust, how could we move forward?  God then worked on my heart in a mighty way.  Not only was I able to forgive him, He gave me an unsurpassing peace that because God is who He said He is – I was to trust my husband again with ALL I have – not holding something back in my hurt.  The conversations that have occurred in our home have been transforming in the past week.  How I can help him more, how he can help me, what help we need to get, the steps we need to take to guard our hearts.  God took what I didn’t even know was broken in our marriage and repaired it with the super glue only He has access to.  God exceeded my expectations and met me in a mighty way.  God has been preparing my heart for what He was doing to do and ask of me.  The scriptures I started memorizing in January were able to be applied and wash over my heart when it felt, and still feels, broken and bruised.  He affirmed His power in my life this week.  Praise God for that! Thank you for your ministry!

These were some powerful testimonies that have strongly encouraged our team and I hope will encourage you.  The Lord is always working.   Praise God!  And to Him be the glory for the great things He has done!


Next Year

In the middle of February everyone traveling on Life Action’s road teams is asked if they will be returning for another year.  I’ve discovered that this stirs up a lot of emotion as we find out who will return the next year and who will move on to wherever God has called them next.  As the year has gone by, our team has grown closer and closer as a family, making it tough to see some leave.  There’s something about living, working, playing, and pursuing God together every day that bonds us all together, but we’re excited to see who the Lord will add to the team next year!  This next year seventeen of the twenty two team members will be returning while the other five move on to college or a new ministry.  After much prayer I have decided to return to the team next year.  But it will look a bit different as I will be a teacher for Base Camp instead of playing the bass guitar.  Base Camp ministers to the children in grades 2-6 and aims to teach them the same revival truths that are being taught to the adults, only on a level they better understand.  It was a hard decision to transition from music to children’s ministry, but I believe the Lord has graciously led me to where He wants me.

Before coming on the road I had very little (if any) desire to work with children, but since we began to travel it has become a near daily activity.coming on the road it became a near daily activity.  As band members, during a service we only have to be on stage for a half an hour, after that we go and help in the kid’s clubs (Happy Heart City and Base Camp) or youth.  For the first couple of conferences helping in clubs was fun, but not something I could have seen myself doing all the time, much less teaching!  That’s when God began working on my heart.  Over the past several months the Lord has shown me the necessity and joy of teaching children essential truths of following Christ.  Children today need to have a solid foundation and understand what they believe because it will be openly challenged and opposed by the world.  In Deuteronomy 6:5-7 it says “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.  And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”  The Lord commands that children be taught that they would also learn to fear Him (Deut. 31:12-13).  The Psalms also speaks of telling the wondrous works of the Lord to the next generation so that they would know Him (Psalm 78).  I believe the Lord has called me to teach this coming year and I’m honored and excited to see what He’ll do through that!

To audition for this position I had to create and teach a lesson to a group of Base Camp kids in one of the churches.  If you’d like to see the video click here (the YouTube video is also pasted at the end of this post).


Raising Support

As I’m returning I will need to raise support to travel again.  This coming year it will cost $3500 in staff training fees and other expenses.  Would you prayerfully consider supporting me again?  God faithfully provided for this year’s journey and I am praying that He will provide for this next step too. Thank you so much for all of your support!  God has used your gifts and prayers to bless me greatly and through the ministry of Life Action, to bless many churches!

To donate go to www.lifeaction.org, select the Donate Now tab, select Support a Staff Member, choose my name from the drop down list, and fill out the remaining information. Here is a direct link to the Donate page.


Prayer Requests

Being on the road and learning more of Christ and what he desires of me, I’ve realized how important prayer is.   It’s been amazing to see the Lord answer the prayers of His people; thank you for partnering with me in prayer!  Below are some things to be praying for:

  • A nation-wide movement of God that brings another great revival
  • That the team members who are leaving the road would continue to be led by the Lord in where they should go
  • That the children we minister to in these churches would be receptive to teaching and desire a relationship with the Lord
  • That those of us team members who are returning in a different position would be preparing and yet remain engaged and focused in current roles (especially our drummer Luke who will be our youth revivalist and team manager next year)
  • And that our team would continue to co-exist in harmony and love that is a clear reflection of the body of Christ


I’m also very excited to remind you that our team is coming to Perry Hall this May!  From May 3-10 we will be holding a Summit at White Marsh Baptist.  I hope you will consider joining us for one or more of those days as I hope to see you while I’m there!  Also I’d love to hear from you how you’re doing, feel free to send me an email or letter and let me know how you are and how I can be praying for you.  Thank you again for your prayers and generous support!


Love in Christ,

Walter Milligan


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