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Welcome to ‘Classical Conversations’

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‘Classical Conversations, Parkville Community’ now meets at Loch Raven Presbyterian Church.

So what is it? Simply stated, it is a Christian service for homeschooling families.

Classical Conversations is a leader in the home-centered education movement. It is a mission: To know God and to make Him known. It is a model: Classical Conversations combines the classical method of learning with a biblical worldview. It is a method: Classical Conversations families meet in communities where parents train parents to implement home-centered education well. For more information, go to

There are two ways in which Classical Conversations “combines classical learning with a biblical worldview.” The first is the more significant: classical education is a methodology. In important ways, it is not content-based—although excellent content must of course be chosen. It is a method, and its methodology is expressed through the Trivium, three of the seven Liberal Arts. Liberal, in this case, stems from the Latin word liber, meaning “free.” Education by means of the seven Liberal Arts nurtures children in ways that ensure they mature into free human beings. The Trivium method: (pertains to mind)– the elementary three: [1] General Grammar, [2] Formal Logic, [3] Classical Rhetoric.

Classical Conversations provides educational services to home school families who want help with strong academics using the Christian, classical model of education. In this post-Christian culture, our goal is to encourage parents to raise the standard of education so that their children will be raised to be servant leaders, capable of entering any field to which the Lord leads them. We know Christian families want to reclaim the supremacy of the family as the most vital institution in the training of godly children, yet don’t always know quite how to do that. We encourage parents to look to the Lord as their strength and to trust Him to provide godly ways to educate their children.

Meet our Parkville Community Director of Classical Conversations Mrs. Azelia Worgen.

“As the director, I will be the liaison between your boards and my participating families. I will always be on the lookout for ways to care for your facility and to encourage the families I work with to educate their children well. I feel this program will bless my own children and the many friends they will make throughout the school year.”

Azelia, along with her husband, have been homeschooling our son and daughter since 2009 and plan to continue, Lord willing, until our youngest goes to college. Our eldest son will be going into kindergarten as well as our second daughter. Our other daughter is still a baby. My husband and I have degrees in Interpersonal Communication Studies and Elementary Education from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania and we both have our Master’s in Teaching from Towson University. My husband also has his certification as a Reading Specialist and English as a Second Language. From a home schooling perspective, our degrees have helped only in the sense that they prove we have a strong inclination towards academics and are capable of learning anything we desire to teach our children. Azelia is partnered with Salem Christian School umbrella.”

Please drop by on a Wednesday to meet and greet Azelia (and her staff.)

The Parkville community will meet in our church building once a week on Wednesdays, for 24 weeks a year, twelve weeks in the fall and twelve weeks in the winter, normally beginning after Labor Day and ending by Easter, with a break during the month of December. There will be two programs meeting, one in the A.M. and the other in the P.M. The AM Foundations program will be from 9:00 am – noon (followed by a picnic lunch and play time), and the PM Essentials program will be from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

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