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I have been reading a book ( after owning it for over 10 years), “The Christian Culture Survival Guide” by Matthew Paul Turner. This is a humorous jab at the peculiarities of Christianity.  Chapter 4 deals with Church Involvement. He talks about wanting to volunteer for the children’s ministry. After speaking with leader, he was told he’d have to fill out an application, meet with the pastor, and be approved by the Board of Elders, then go through a background check and fingerprinting.

We aren’t quite that demanding, but he does make some good points. Mr. Turner goes on to list 8 ways to volunteer within the church : 1) Have a small group meeting at your home, 2) Ushering, 3) Sing in the Praise & Worship group, 4) Lead a small group, 5) Special music, 6) Janitorial service . And the two areas that apply here: Nursery Duty and Teaching children’s Sunday School. He writes: ” Babies and toddlers need good loving arms to hold them while their parents are being preached at. So don’t be shy-guys this means you too – get yourself some anti-germ baby wipes, take your vitamin C, learn to hold your breath for long periods of time, and volunteer in the nursery.” For the Sunday School:” Although you do have to have a passion for felt board, puppets, . . this job is a breeze. Most churches supply all necessary teaching tools, such as Bible stories. . . .and arts and crafts – add in your own creative measure of what to serve for snack, and you have yourself a Sunday school class. You may want to . . .find a CD that will teach you “My God is So Big” and “This Little Light of Mine”- and yes, you HAVE to do the motions!”

JoAnn Beck


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