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You Can Make It!

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Reading through the entire Bible in one year is hard. I pray that you are persevering and finding joy in the journey. We are beginning a couple of months in the Wisdom literature of the OT—Job through the Song of Solomon. If, for whatever reason, you had set this challenge aside, now is the perfect time to pick it back up.

Job is a fascinating book because we who read it get to peek behind the curtain as it were and hear what is happening in the courts of heaven. We are familiar with the misery of Job and the miserable counsel he receives from his friends, but do we see the mercy of God in the midst of the pain? May I recommend John Piper’s interpretive poem to highlight it? It is available in hardcover or an audio version online at

The Psalms offer some of the choicest devotional reading in all of Holy Scripture. If you do not want to feel rushed by reading several at one sitting, feel free to spread them out throughout the day! you may find it very valuable to read one at each meal and see how you might incorporate it into your prayers before you eat. You might also invest in (and it will be a great investment) a Psalter, that is, a hymnbook of Psalms translated into metrical verse to be sung. There is a words only edition of the Trinity Psalter available at the PCA Bookstore or you can check out a wonderful variety of formats (including a mini Psalter that will fit in your purse or briefcase) at Crown & Covenant Publications. If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to ask the Pastor!

Last, but not least, as you read First and Second Timothy this month, please spend time praying for our nominating committee and those who have been nominated to serve.

Many blessings,

Pastor David

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