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VBS 2014 “Space Probe” Wrap-Up

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We had a wonderful time at our VBS, with about 45 children on average who came each day last week.  Our theme of  Genesis 1 : Space Probe a VBS Reachout Adventure, allowed us to “transport” our astronauts (children) in a time-traveling starship back to the dawn of time to “witness” the creation of the world and ensuing events in Genesis, through “eyewitness” accounts told by our storytellers: Commanders Cosmos (Sara Feazell) and Corona (Amanda Demuesy), and helpers (Magda Warsal and Rick Liebermann).  Each day we had a different story: 1st day – we “observed” the creation of the universe by God, 2nd day – we “saw” the creation of man and woman made to personally know and worship God, 3rd day – we “observed” sin’s destruction of man’s perfect relationship with God, 4th day – we learned the difference between Cain and Abel (who brought his best sacrifice to God), 5th day – we learned that by faith Noah built an Ark to save his family and the animals, and as God gave him and his family a sign in the sky of his promise (the rainbow), we also have His promise that He would send us a Savior in Jesus Christ, who would come to earth to restore our broken relationship with our Creator God.

With much enthusiasm and creativity by our staff, we were able to make the memorization of scripture (the children, ages 1st through 5th grades, learned Acts 17:24-31) fun and exciting through a Space Race Contest of our Starships racing around our Lifestar each day.

In our Opening Blast Off Assembly, we watched talented actors in front of our beautiful Mission Control set (designed by Justin Sweeney) telling us and our Star Commander (Sue Milligan) about their experiences preparing to be astronauts; Ensigns Headstrong (Karl Mangels) and Hartwell (Leland Knight) and our young robot ‘Speed-Zero 7’ (Laura Milligan), who was trying to deal with one contrary astronaut-in-training, Ensign Hartwell (Leland Knight), who by week’s end, was changed by God’s work and grace in his life.   We were told of the Salvation Message each day through our talented Gospel Presenter (Alison Kersten) and beautiful PowerPoint photos shown on the front wall. We also raced to complete our missions goal, relayed by ‘Missionary’ Rachel Stenger, to collect enough money to purchase an air-conditioner for a church in Matamoros, Mexico, from which many of our workers had just returned 2 weeks ago, to help with their VBS and the building of their pastor’s house!

Our Astronauts learned more about our stories every day through fun, active songs with hand motions, beautiful crafts, delicious Celestial Snacks, Stellar Games, and Galaxy Growth fun word games in our logbooks.

It was a fantastic week, the ‘Very Best of Summer’ and I can’t wait to see how God works in the lives of the children who came.

-Carol Sweeney & Sue Milligan

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