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A Few Reflections on our Recent Missions Trip

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First and foremost the Lord’s provision is so good and glorious! Thinking back to when we began to discuss and plan a short term missions trip, I remember wondering who would be interested and able to go and how hard is might be to raise the funds. God stirred hearts and we ended up with a team of twelve wonderfully talented and committed folks ready to serve. And as the monetary goal was made known, God stirred more hearts and we ended up with an outstanding example of God’s people’s generosity and willingness to give. Thank you for serving with your gifts and prayers; you have glorified God and increased our praise to Him.

Reflecting on the team and the work that we were able to do is another reason to humbly thank God. Sue and I were so grateful for the comradery that we experienced in every team meeting even long before we left for Mexico. We don’t take for granted how well we were able to pray and plan together for the trip; it was a gracious gift from God. Once we all arrived, we had the excellent leadership of missionary Tim Holliday. I have been on other missions trips where it seemed as if those who came to serve were really just there to tell others what they were doing wrong! Praise God that was no-where to be found among our team, not only did I observe teammates doing what they were asked without grumbling, but people pitched in to help and encourage others. It was hard work in hot and humid conditions, but by God’s grace we accomplished a lot. Seeing that they were ready to pour the concrete when we left was a great joy. And interacting (in a very limited way because of my lack of language skills!) with church members and VBS visitors at the taco dinner was tremendous—the seeds that were sown and opportunities opened up during that week was wonderful to see.

But what I’ve shared so far would be woefully incomplete without reflecting on the love and joy that were abundantly evident in the brothers and sisters in Christ in Matamoros. We went down there to serve and bless a church that we had never met. We were served and blessed by them. And they did not have to do that! We could have eaten lunch and dinner in a restaurant or had them catered. But the folks at the two churches lovingly prepared and served the most delicious meals to us. A marvelous gift by very gracious and generous saints was given to us—a piece of their hearts. Sharing that week with them reminded us that we share the same Spirit and mission: united by faith to Christ and sent by Him (John 17:18) into the world to share the Gospel with lost sinners. Beautiful relationships were built and pieces of our hearts were left behind. Praise God for the men and women and children who we met that week.

Join me in praising Jesus Christ for what He accomplished on the cross and is even today applying to peoples’ hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit. Praise God for the opportunity to minister alongside other saints and be ministered to by them. Praise God for raising up missionary families like Tim and Kristy Holliday (and their children – Keilah, James, Susannah, Lydia, and Sarah) as well as Dan and Becky Young. Praise God for the Presbyterian Church in Mexico. And Praise God for the Presbyterian Church in America.

May God richly bless you who gave and prayed,

Pastor David

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