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Psalms: A Guide For Worship

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“…In the Psalms you will meet the heart of sincere and honest worshipers of God. Sometimes they are reverent, while at other times loud and boisterous. Sometimes they lament while at other times they are thankful. Some psalms are exclusively personal, while others appear more applicable for all of God’s people. Some psalms reflect sorrow as if you were in the depths of a cave, while others are meant to be shouted from a mountaintop! The variety found in the Psalms reminds us that worship is not only personal and sincere, but diverse. A song or prayer that touches you may not necessarily touch someone else. Each person worships God from the depths of their heart differently. But a helpful guidebook for bringing us all together as God’s people is the book of Psalms. Not only can you read the Psalms and pray them, but you can also sing them. When you don’t know what to pray or how to sing, you can use the book of Psalms as an aid in worship.”

This is an excerpt from the Pastors message in the June 2009 edition of the “Loch Raven Press” – Loch Raven’s church newsletter.

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