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Monday Meditation

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from Pastor Milligan

That “four word summary” of the Gospel that I shared with you yesterday (Sunday) was brought to my attention most clearly and recently in two books. Greg Gilbert uses this framework in his excellent and accessible little book, ‘What Is the Gospel’? And Matt Chandler includes it as the first section of his book, ‘The Explicit Gospel’, which rightly cautions us against assuming we know the gospel because we’ve gone to church for a long time.

There are different ways to explain your faith, and each of us has a unique testimony of how God brought us to saving faith in Christ, but when we share our faith we ought to be able to articulate clearly and consistently what the Gospel is. The Gospel is not wishy-washy or vague. Its content doesn’t change according to how we feel when we wake up in the morning. It can be Biblically defined and defended. And it’s very, very important that we understand it and believe it ourselves as well as proclaim it to others.

If we get the Gospel wrong, everything else is impacted. If we don’t understand the Gospel correctly, we won’t understand evangelism or mission. When we engage in ministries of mercy or service, we won’t be able to provide anything more than temporal help, which will not meet deeper, eternal needs.

So let us study this and agree on it; learn it and share it. And may God richly bless us as we live having responded with faith and repentance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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