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VBS 2012 “Olympian” Wrap-Up

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We had 36 Gold Medal winners at the 2012 Loch Raven Olympion VBS! Each Athlete practiced their memory verses daily and continued their “work outs” (reading the Bible, doing chores, bringing a  friend) at home each night to earn bronze, silver, and gold stickers for themselves and points for their team. The overall Marathon Runners finished with Green Team earning the Gold Medal, Blue Team the Silver Medal and Red team with a Bronze Medal. All teams were very close on the last day!

As with any event, there are so many behind the scenes doing the coaching, (teachers and helpers) and setting up the Arena (builders of the Torches, Awards Platform, Target Box, and Olympion Sign) for the Athletes to enjoy their success. There were at least 35 volunteers to help with VBS this year! The love and knowledge of these people was an outstanding contribution to the Olympion Program.

To enhance the Olympic atmosphere in the Arena, we had a great puppet team, who announced the events and activities daily at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Our Head Coach, Pastor Milligan, introduced each days events and the Media group helped Song Coach, Sue Milligan, led the Athletes in the theme song and many other hand and foot action songs! The enthusiasm was fantastic!!

Another very special event in the Arena was the arrival of a costumed visitor from the ancient days of the Bible. This person told their story as it was recorded in the Bible. Then the Race for Life was  presented for each Athlete to realize the way to become a member on God’s Team forever and overcome the battles in their lives.

The Athletes also had an opportunity to show what they could do for their team outside under the direction of Head Coach Stastny and his helpers in different types of sports each day.

Athletes also had a time of creativity with the Craft Coach Carol Bronakoski and her assistants in the Church House.

No event is complete without food! We had great snacks and an ice cream social for family night thanks to Head Chef, Jo Beck.

Our publicity team did a wonderful job of advertising our event and registering the Athletes. To record our fun-filled week long events, our special thanks to photographer Pat Francesco!

Our VBS was God-directed and blessed in every way as we tried to teach the athletes the importance of turning their lives over to the One and Only, truly all-powerful Head Coach of us all, the Lord Jesus Christ!

It was a privilege to direct this great effort by everyone.

-Carol Holzman

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