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Where Your Treasure Is

Categories: From The Pastor

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” -Matthew 6:21

Dents, scratches, police reports! Over the past month some in our congregation have experienced the very unpleasant experience of being in a car accident in which their vehicle needed repair. No one likes these experiences, since they require interacting with insurance companies, the police department, and repair shops. To make matters worse, these events most likely result in increases to insurance premiums. Accidents remind us of the unpleasantness of living in an uncertain, fallen world. However, accidents can also remind us of what we value most. Automobiles are very useful and valued tools in our society. Some people even look upon them as measures of success. But like anything in this world, the “things” we enjoy on this earth, although precious, will not last. And while they can become lost or damaged, they can be replaced. You can repair or replace a car, but you cannot replace a person lost in an accident. You can always replace “stuff” lost in a house fire, but you cannot replace the memories lost in it. You can obtain another job, but you cannot replace the life experience gained through it. If you have suffered a great material loss in your life recently, just think of those things you cannot replace.

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